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First Secure knows that the smallest detail can make a huge difference when it comes to concierge, reception duty and static security officers and it is this level of detail that allows our experienced team to offer every client unprecedented levels of customer services and satisfaction.

From providing staff for welcoming concierge and reception duties to offering on-site security officers, First Secure ensures that its trained team of staff offers a professional, friendly and attentive service as soon as any visitors enter your site, whatever the line of business.

It is our proven, reliable, efficient and reassuring approach that ensures every visit is remembered for all the right reason. No matter the size of your business, your location or your sector, our professional staff will always uphold your company values, giving you valuable peace of mind.

All our concierge, reception and static security staff receive thorough site-specific training and can deal with every eventuality in an efficient and courteous manner, whether that be fire marshalling, conflict management or administering first aid on site. We tailor this to the needs of each client and the size and location of each individual operation, so rest assured we can not only meet, but exceed your requirements.

From concierge services to fixed-place security services, we’ve successfully worked with everyone from industrial and manufacturing companies to corporate offices and logistics, providing them with the reliable and trustworthy staff that complement their business.

So don’t hesitate and contact the First Secure team today to discuss your concierge, receptionist and static security officer needs. We’re the ideal choice to make your staff and visitors feel welcome and safe in your premises.

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